Modular Chillers


Whaley Products, Inc. offers single circuit and dual circuit modular chiller systems. It is a common mistake in any typical industrial setting to install a cooling system that is eventually incapable of providing the required process cooling due to expansion. If you have an industrial process where expansion is inevitable but difficult to anticipate or calculate, a modular process cooling is the only answer.

5 Categories of Modular Chillers
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1.5Ton – 5Ton
Single Circuit
3Ton – 10Ton
Single Circuit
208-230/3 – 460/3
12.5Ton – 20Ton
Single Circuit
208-230/3 – 460/3
10Ton – 20Ton
Dual Circuit
208-230/3 – 460/3
25Ton – 50Ton
Single/Dual Circuit
208-230/3 – 460/3

For higher capacity, view our Multiple Module Configurations up to 200 Tons.

modularlayout1**Closed Loop Modular Chiller Systems Available as well**

Whaley Modular Chillers were engineered for potential future expansion. When you need to expand your cooling system load, a new module can be brought in and installed within a matter of hours. All it takes is running power and plumbing the lines to/from. Whaley modulars are high efficient, easy to install, easy to maintain, and most of all highly recommended. Click here to see a list of companies WPI has successfully served over the years since 1993.

Below you will see a typical flow diagram for an outdoor modular chiller, indoor pump tank skid configuration.