Why Whaley Modular Chillers?

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5 Categories of Modular Chillers
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1.5Ton – 5Ton
Single Circuit
3Ton – 10Ton
Single Circuit
208-230/3 – 460/3
12.5Ton – 20Ton
Single Circuit
208-230/3 – 460/3
10Ton – 20Ton
Dual Circuit
208-230/3 – 460/3
25Ton – 50Ton
Single/Dual Circuit
208-230/3 – 460/3
For higher capacity, view our Multiple Module Configurations up to 200 Tons.

**Closed Loop Modular Chiller Systems Available as well**

When it comes to retrofits, new critical cooling processes, upgrades or replacements, a modular chiller system is an excellent choice. The SAE Modular air-cooled chillers are a product resulting from 20+ years of industry experience in accommodating specific modular applications. The modular design is a popular alternative to conventional chilling systems. Multiple compressors are staged for partial or full capacity loading. Isolated fluid and refrigeration circuits allow maintenance with uninterrupted operation. SAE series are available sizes 1 ½-50ton single circuit, and 10-50ton dual circuits. Modular chillers can be operated individually or with other modules and can be removed from the string of units or replaced without interrupting operation. Each unit comes with an off-the-shelf single stage digital controller for single circuit and 2-circuits have dual stage controllers. Optional remote control panels are available to be installed indoors near the process or at the pump station and can be monitored and controlled.

WPI’s SAE modular design offers supreme flexibility and allows new companies to install cooling capacity for their startup needs and add additional modules as their business grows. Simple electromechanical relays and contactors allows any service tech to be able to trouble shoot the system. Pump tank systems can be sized to accommodate their planned growth with back-up pumps. Various pump combinations are available to fit each process application. Redundancy can be built into chiller system if down time is not tolerated, simply add an additional module or two to accommodate the maximum load if a chiller needs serviced.

Modular SAE series chillers have low installation costs. An important consideration when offloading and installing new or upgrading existing systems. Each air-cooled module up to 50tons can be off loaded using a fork truck. Common manifolds with isolation valves and flexible hose connectors, inlet/outlet pressure gauges are available for connecting up to 8 air cooled modules in parallel. Equal flow through each evaporator is set by adjusting the pressure differential using the inlet valve and ¼” inlet outlet pressure gauges. Standard pump tanks and pump stations are available and sized based on system flow and pressure requirements. WPI’s application engineering will assist in figuring the systems TDH to select pumps properly. Complete layouts, wiring diagrams, interconnection drawings, installation manuals, complete technical support. Turnkey installations are available per customer’s request.